Free Guitar Ensemble Sheet Music

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Free guitar ensemble music

Guitar music in 2, 3, 4 and more parts - all free to download!

Most pieces have performance ideas too.

Simple to read, but listen to the sound the parts make together!

Search Derek Hasted on YouTube - see players of all ages playing these.

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2 Guitars

Cherubini Allegretto

Hungarian Round - Boots of Shining Leather



4 Guitars

Planxty Irwin

Sea Shanty - The Mermaid


24 Guitars

World's easiest piece for 24 Guitars. Or 2. Or 5. Or any other number including 7433

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Extras - Some Musical Curiosities

Two great composers compose with one hand tied behind their back!
Two amazing duets - click to find out why.

Extras - Free Christmas Music!

Christmas music always works well in a newly-formed group.
Strong melodies, regular rhythm and short phrases are easy to "debug" and fun to play.

Much modern Christmas music works well on Guitar, but copyright prevents me putting up my favourite arrangements. But enjoy these - and discover than many countries set the same words to different melodies. Non-UK visitors may find an unexpected tune here!


3 or 4 Guitars

Here is Joy for Every Age



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Extras - New Year Music

3 Guitars

Auld Lang Syne


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