Hampshire Guitar Workshop - Lovedean - founded by Derek Hasted

A new era beckons!

On March 23rd 2023, Workshop celebrated two things it's never celebrated before.


Celebratory Thing 1...Workshop said "farewell" to me - its Founder and Leader, Derek Hasted...

I started the Workshop in 1988 as an opportunity for my Adult Education students when they reached the end of their Evening Classes.

35 years later, and an estimated 542 Workshops later, I (and my long-suffering wife Pam) moved to Cheshire to be closer to family.


Celebratory Thing 2...Workshop said "welcome" to its new Leader, Peter Rogers, a talented local guitarist who, Workshop hopes, will have the stamina to lead Workshop for at least its next 35 years!

A concert and a party...

I put together a small programme of music that took Workshop through its 35 years, finishing with his most recent arrangement - Secret Garden's "Song for a New Beginning", a piece that seemed to capture the mood perfectly.

I then played Alfonso Montes' haunting piece "Prelude de Adios" before welcoming Peter as Workshop's new Leader.

At this point, I thought it was simply to be food and drink. Workshop had other ideas...

Streets of Laredo

From dusty archives, someone discovered Workshop's first ever piece "Streets of Laredo", and Caroline penned some new words which, in 5 hilarious verses, seemed to compress 35 years of Workshop. I was heard to say that it was "Excellent" (which is apparently the first time I've ever used the word...)


There were speeches (mercifully short) and toasts...

A toast to a new beginning
An engraved glass

There were gifts too -


Long Service Certificate


What a cake!

And we mustn't forget the most spectacular cake, courtesy of Debbie S.


It tasted every bit as fantastic as it looked!


Leaving Card

Oh, and the card, courtesy of Debbie V.


(Due to a small cut and paste error, the first version read...
"Oh, and the card, courtesy of Debbie V.
It tasted every bit as fantastic as it looked!")



Pam's flowers

My wife Pam was given the most glorious flowers.


Here they are at my former home....

I'll leave the story of Workshop right there with a few bars of our closing item on our first 35 years - "Song For A New Beginning" (Secret Garden) as Workshop looks forward to exciting times ahead...