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Last updated 17th Aug
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Over 140 arrangements & compositions See, hear, buy... New for 2019 - another 27 pieces including I Giorni, La Cumparsita, Mamma Mia

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I'm Derek Hasted

Derek Hasted

Guitar teacher, performer & arranger
I'm based in Havant, in Southern England

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Informal Guitar Ensemble -Hampshire

I founded the Farlington Guitar Workshop in 1998 - an informal ensemble for novice & intermediate adults. We welcome new players!


"... great music, classy arrangements and friendly listening" Audience comment

"...a pleasure to hear you and your students to whom you are clearly a source of inspiration. Congratulations. Best wishes" Carlos Bonell

"...a wonderful, exciting performance..." Peter Nuttall

"...a really clever and skilful writer..." Bill Kanengiser