Hampshire Guitar Workshop - Lovedean - founded by Derek Hasted

39 musical instruments

Our summer fund-raising effort in 1990 was made possible by the support and help of

  • The Old Town Hall Havant - part of Havant Arts Centre
  • St Alban's School, West Leigh
  • Hobgoblin Music, Crawley
  • Sundry friends too many to mention.

Following weeks of preparation and the production of a pile of music 5 cms tall, the day began at 6am, when our Leader Derek Hasted, accompanied (as it were) by Maggie Edlin from St Alban's School, started the long and tedious job of setting up 39 musical instruments, each with fully-fingered music for

Old Macdonald, London's Burning, Frere Jacques and Three Blind Mice

And into the room came dozens of Workshop players, all sponsored for learning as many tunes on as many instruments as possible.

And just for the record, those instruments were...

  1. Sopranino recorder
  2. Descant recorder
  3. Treble recorder
  4. Tenor recorder
  5. Bass recorder
  6. Penny whistle
  7. Pan pipes
  8. Tabor pipe
  9. Ocarina
  10. Swanee whistle
  11. Flute
  12. Bb clarinet
  13. Bombarde
  14. Fife
  15. Oboe
  16. Violin
  17. Mandolin
  18. Banjolin
  19. 5-string banjo
  20. Bagpipe chanter
  21. Bass guitar
  22. Fretless bass
  23. Synthesiser
  24. Concertina
  25. Melodeon
  26. Piano accordion
  27. Soprano cornet
  28. Cornet
  29. Trumpet
  30. Flugelhorn
  31. Tenor horn
  32. Trombone
  33. Baritone horn
  34. Euphonium
  35. Eb Tuba
  36. BBb Tuba
  37. Glockenspiel
  38. Chime bars
  39. Xylophone

We raised £932 for ARMS Multiple Sclerosis Research - and what a long day it was!