where to buy Niibori guitars, strings & tuners - FAQ

Shops come & go, luthiers come & go, products come & go; but here's a snapshot in 2013 specifically aimed at Niibori guitarists, like us, in the UK.


Alto guitars

Inexpensive Niibori altos are available from Aria (cedar or spruce front) or by restringing a Raimundo requinto (spruce front) with alto strings. The profile of the bridge saddle on the Raimundo can be altered to improve the intonation high up the neck.

We use Aria AC-50A - read about our altos here

Bass guitars

Inexpensive Niibori basses are available from Aria.

We use Aria AC-75B (if you search in Google, some people write it as AC75-B or AC75B) - read about our basses here

Contrabass guitars

Inexpensive Niibori contrabasses are available from Aria.

We use Aria AC-75CB - read about our contra here. Again, searching the internet also try AC75-CB and AC75CB.


hago enjoy excellent service from Brian Whitehouse at the Classical Guitar Centre Birmingham - we recommend calling in to see him!


We use Hannabach strings for our contra guitars

For the basses, we use a mix-and-match approach detailed here

For the altos we use D'Addario EJ52 Alto strings


For mail order, we'd heartily recommend StringsByMail in America - they carry a massive stock.


We use and recommend Intellitouch tuners.


These tuners are American - UK prices are subject to currency fluctuation - check google.co.uk for latest prices and best deals.