hago News Archives - 2016


  • A year with special guests and new recruits!
  • We played for the first time at the Petersfield Music Festival
  • We played for the first time at St Michael's, Chalton

2016 - related pages

December 2016

Happy Christmas!December 24th

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Check our concerts page in the New Year - we have concerts coming up and we'd love you to be there in the audience! We have new repertoire that we want you to hear, and we might even have a new joke, but we're not sure yet...

December 19th

Our 2016 gallery has photos of hago's end of year celebration. Yes - more food!

November 2016

October 2016

October 1st

Classical guitarists - our Musical Director has some new arrangements available as digital downloads. Have a listen to "Evening Bell"

September 2016

September 30th

Classical guitarists - are you looking for a fresh challenge - we can help!

On September 3rd, two of HAGO are playing a concert in the beautiful Church in old Bedhampton.

Details here (opens in new window)

August 2016

We have just updated the fund-raising total for monies raised for local charities - the new total is £72,206

Thank you to everyone who has been to one of our concerts and therefore helped swell this total!

July 2016

Our concert on July 7th raised £200 for the upkeep of St Michael's at Chalton

There are some photos at the foot of our 2016 gallery

June 2016

June 26th

Just a reminder that our next concert is on July 7th at Chalton, south of Petersfield.

You'll find the details on our concert page.

If you'd like to receive the HAGO newsletter (view a recent one here), so that you find out about future concerts as soon as they're announced, fill in the newsletter box on this page, wait for an autoacknowledgement email, and you're good to go!

April 2016

April 19th

We're delighted to welcome Claire to the hago team!

We have spaces for more players still - especially Grade 7 and above. Don't be shy!

March 2016

March 23rd

We were touched - there is no other word to describe it - to receive a card, a lovely letter and a massive cheque for our funds, from a lady who came to our March 11th concert.

She wrote "...My husband and I thought the performance would be interesting but it was so very much more and we enjoyed a really magical and entertaining evening"

We respect the privacy of the lady concerned, but we were really moved by her letter....

HAGO playing Status Quo's Rocking All Over The World

March 12th

We played for Petersfield Musical Festival on March 11th, and it was a concert to die for. We played a joint concert with Achoired Taste, and it was such an appreciative audience.

Then again we were caught unawares when the choir joined in with our "joke item" - Status Quo's "Rocking All Over The World" - we have a snippet for you here!

Hago celebrating

March 3rd was a great rehearsal!

It was hago's 17th birthday, there were long service presentations, Gilly played flute in our haunting arrangement of Fields of Gold and made the hairs on the back of our neck stand up when we got to verse three, and we started working up a piece by Supertramp.

See some photos in our 2016 gallery.

February 2016

Portsmouth Music Festival

On February 13th, some of hago formed themselves into two small ensembles to play at the Portsmouth Music Festival. And both ensembles won a cup!

There's a larger photo in our new 2016 photo gallery.

January 2016

January 17th - the KW Guitar Orchestra has been performing one of our Musical Director's free Christmas quartets. We've just found a video of the performance on Facebook.

Talking of free music, Derek, our MD has, today, added another free trio to the free music page on his website.

Happy New Year to all our website visitors from all of us in hago!