Student concerts

Student Social events...

When I was teaching full-time, and before Covid forced a temporary move to video lessons, I held an annual Summer Party & Student concert in July.

Each year, about a quarter of my students bravely volunteer to play an item at a little informal concert.

And then there's food & wine and chats!

2019 Summer Social

Summer 2019

Why is it always so hot at my Student Social? It was another scorching day and a humid evening, but my students played some fantastic music...

From left to right - James, Andrea, Aurora, Viv, Steve, Liz, Gary and Roland

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2018 Summer Social

Summer 2018

Here are the brave volunteers who played at the 2018 Summer Social.

From left to right - Christy, Steve, James, Liz, Aurora, Viv and Gary

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2017 Summer Social

Summer 2017

Meet the players who played at the 2017 Summer Social.

From left to right - John, Steve, Andrea, Gary, Viv, Mike and Andy.

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2016 Summer Social

Summer 2016

Here are the students who played at the 2016 Summer Social.

From left to right - Mandy, John, Jilly, Aurora, Steve, Mike, Liz, Gary and Viv

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2015 Summer Social

Summer 2015

Here are my students who played at the 2015 Summer Social.

From left to right - Steve, Mandy, Gilly, Mike, Gary, Aurora, Anne Viv and Lisa

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2014 Summer Social

Summer 2014

Here's some of my students chatting and enjoying the post-concert wine and nibbles,

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