Perfect Day (Lou Reed) - 4 Guitars

Perfect Day - 4 guitars/large ensemble

The original is in the guitar-hostile key of 5 and 2 flats, but my arrangement of this classic is in 
D minor & D major. It's built from familiar shapes and sits well on the guitar neck.

It’s a popular wedding piece, and rightly so.

The first verses and chorus feature a low tune, which needs to sing like a cello to cut through the higher notes in the accompaniment. In the repeat, the tune comes up an octave and the accompaniment dips down lower to make a real contrast, and add a real sense of “build” to the piece.

Where they work well, I’ve included the little motifs that feature on the piano and strings in the official audio release.

I’ve not loaded the piece with dynamics - please be sure to add dynamics that work for you.

Guitar 4 is tuned to 6=D, and the same part is also supplied in bass clef (without the need to tune down). Either or both parts can be played.

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Perfect Day (Lou Reed) - arr. for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Perfect Day
Lou Reed

Perfect Day
(Lou Reed)

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