The Fool On The Hill - The Beatles - 4 Guitars

The Fool On The Hill - 4 guitars/large ensemble

I’ve arranged this Beatles classic to suit players who have only recently started out learning to play guitar. It’s a lovely tune and it’s ideal both for school concerts and as a gentle interlude in an adult ensemble concert.

Although Guitar 1 ventures out of first position, it doesn’t go high up the neck. I’ve not fingered this part - different players might decide to stay up the neck, or just go up the neck for the few high notes.

Everything else is first position, and easy to play. There is an optional repeat to extend the piece a little. The two verses in each part have slightly different accompaniments to add interest for players and audience alike.

Guitar 4 is in both treble and bass clefs - you can play either part (or in a large ensemble, it’s fine to have both versions playing).

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The Fool On The Hill (Lennon and McCartney) - arr. for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

The Fool On The Hill
The Beatles

The Fool On The Hill
(Lennon & McCartney)

$4.99 Early intermediate level

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