When The Thames Froze - Smith & Burrows - 3 Guitars

When The Thames Froze - 3 guitars/large ensemble

This is an utterly charming piece, and if you’ve yet to enjoy the Official Smith & Burrows video, head over to YouTube!

My arrangement captures the elegant simplicity of the original, and although there’s no brass band or children’s choir for the last verse, this works fantastically as a Christmas concert piece.

Guitars 2 and 3 are all first position using well-known notes and chords, and the bass-line would suit a beginner with just a little experience. Guitar 3 is also in bass clef if you have a deeper instrument. In a large ensemble either or both Guitar 3 parts can be played.

Guitar 1 works nicely in 5th position for much of the piece, though any systematic fingering will be just fine.

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When The Thames Froze (Smith and Burrows) - arr. for 3 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

When The Thames Froze
Smith & Burrows

When The Thames Froze
(Smith & Burrows)

$4.99 Early intermediate level

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