Love Theme - St Elmo's Fire - 4 Guitars

Love Theme - 4 guitars/large ensemble

This charming instrumental is the Love Theme from the film “St. Elmo’s Fire” and it makes a lovely guitar ensemble item for a concert. It will suit a quartet or a larger ensemble.

My arrangement is just a semitone lower than the original and moves the piece to a familiar and comfortable set of notes for the intermediate player.

There is limited Left Hand fingering - whilst the lower parts remain in first position much of the time, the upper parts go up the neck. Players confident up the neck might stay up there, but less experienced players might want to return to more familiar territory as soon as possible, so please add the fingering that works for you.

The original has the luxury of instruments with long sustain, and with contrasting tone colours. In order to make sure that the tune cuts through, be sure to listen to those around you…

The whole piece is here, lasting 5 minutes or so. The original saxophone ending is included, but you might feel that on guitar it finishes more solidly 3 measures from the end, where an alternative ending is indicated..

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Love Theme from St Elmo's Fire - arr. for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Love Theme
from St Elmo's Fire

Love Theme
(from St Elmo's Fire)

$4.99 Intermediate level

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