Barnacle Bill (Blue Peter TV Theme) - Guitar Quartet

Barnacle Bill - 4 guitars/large ensemble

This is a curiosity - I have a piano arrangement of this famous (at least in the UK!) TV theme, but it's completely different from the (longer) Royal Philharmonic version that's on YouTube.

So I've chosen to arrange the long version! And long it most certainly is, though the part scores will fit on a music stand if you tape the three pages together so they can't leap off at a crticial moment.

I've changed the key so that the music uses the whole of the guitar neck without clambering onto the body (not easy in fast music!). And the music is fast - the original orchestral version sounds a bit frantic on guitar.

My arrangement will suit an intermediate ensemble if a modest pace is chosen, but a faster performance will need an advanced intermediate player on Guitar 1 - it's all single notes but it never stops to draw breath.

Guitars 2 and 3 have simple two note chords at a more modest pace.

Guitar 4 has the bottom string tuned down to D to get extra depth, and the same part is also supplied in bass clef for a deeper instrument (for which normal EADG tuning is used)

There are just a few dynamics on the score to show where the tune moves between forces.

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Barnacle Bill (Blue Peter theme) - for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Barnacle Bill
The Blue Peter TV Theme

Barnacle Bill
Herbert Ashworth-Hope

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