Love Story (Taylor Swift) - Guitar Quartet

Love Story - 4 guitars/large ensemble

This goes further back in time than many realise - back to 2008

I’ve arranged this to suit as many guitar ensembles as possible - they key is D major (the same as the original) and it modulates to E just as the original does. My arrangement will suit a mixed ability ensemble from early intermediate to intermediate.

Guitar 3 has the bottom string tuned down to D.

The music can end in two ways - with a "subito" ending with just the last note of the tune, unaccompanied (like the original), or with a chord to conclude (so that everyone plays at the end) - the choice is yours.

There are dynamics on the score, but be sure to make this as compelling as possible - it makes a very simple melody come alive.

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Love Story (Taylor Swift) - for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Love Story
Taylor Swift

Love Story
Taylor Swift

$4.99 Intermediate level

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