Toto - Africa - Guitar Quartet

Africa - 4 guitars/large ensemble

I wanted to make this fantastic piece accessible to as many guitarists as I could. To do that, I’ve moved the key down one tone to make the keys in this piece familiar ones. My arrangement will suit a mixed ability ensemble from early intermediate to intermediate.

Guitar 4 has the bottom string tuned down to D, and there’s a bass clef version of the same line to suit a normally tuned bass guitar or upright bass. You can have one or both lines in your performance.

I’ve deleted a tiny piece of repetition near the end - the words change in the original but the music doesn’t - as an instrumental there was too much of the same phrase! The piece finishes with a final chord instead of a fade to nothing, as it works so much better in concert.

The resulting piece still runs for four and a half minutes. There’s a set of repeat marks so that the music will fit on a normal music stand without page turns.

I hope you enjoy playing this piece!

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Africa - Toto - for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted


Africa (Toto)
Guitar 4 in treble & bass clefs

$4.99 Intermediate level

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