The Taskemaster Theme - 3 Guitars

Taskmaster (The Horne Section) - 3 guitars/large ensemble

Alex Horne and The Horne Section is an ensemble that’s particularly hard to describe - consummate musicians and wicked comedy. So far they haven’t quite achieved the fame that their talent, skill and originality deserve.

Alex Horne is also known as the creator of “Taskmaster”, a TV program that laughs at comedians, rather than with them, as they tackle tasks that require lateral thinking and a razor sharp mind.

The Taskmaster Theme is tricky only because of its speed. It’s also annoyingly short, but for UK audiences, at least, it’s an instant crowd-pleaser. Then again, taken a little more slowly it's accessible to intermediate players and lasts a little longer too! The tone of the guitar is actually, well-suited to a more modest speed.

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Taskmaster - THe Horne Section - arr. for 3 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

The Taskmaster Theme
The Horne Section

The Taskmaster Theme

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