Follow You, Follow Me - 4 or 5 Guitars

Follow You, Follow Me - 4/5 guitars/large ensemble

This Genesis piece has become a real classic.

My arrangement has been conceived to suit many different groups...

This one edition can be played with 4 or 5 parts. The fifth part is an optional countermelody, which captures an extra line in the original.

Guitar 2 is presented in two versions - one that will suit an intermediate player and one which is a little harder. In a large ensemble, both versions can be played together.

Guitar 4 (the bass line) is supplied in both treble and bass clefs (to suit guitar and bass), and again, in a large ensemble, either or both versions can be played.

The soundclip on my publisher's version comprises the simpler Guitar 2, a conventional Guitar 4 and the optional Guitar 5. A bigger ensemble will be able to make a much more impressive sound!

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Follow You, Follow Me - for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Follow You, Follow Me

Follow You, Follow Me 4 guitars
with additional 5th part
Also listed under 5 guitars

$4.99 Intermediate level

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