One Last Wish (Casper) - Guitar duet

One Last Wish (from the film Casper) - 2 guitars

A haunting melody (pardon the pun!) is interspersed with lush & uplifting phrases and exotic chromatic passages. It’s an usual and delightful piece that makes a refreshing and unexpected concert item, with plenty of interest for both players.

I’ve fingered some of the chord shapes, because the key signature and the accidentals combine to make them =hard to read - for example there are F major and F# minor arpeggios looking (at first sight) identical on the page. Some of the more complex chromatic movement is actually gloriously straightforward because of the way I’ve arranged the music to use shapes that slide down the neck. Here and there I’ve chosen enharmonic equivalents to make the music easier on the eye.

I've also arranged One Last Wish for 3 guitars (a little easier) and for flute & guitar

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