White Christmas - accessible Guitar quartet

White Christmas - 4 guitars/larger ensemble

My arrangement of this now-timeless classic is accessible to quartets and large ensembles of all abilities from "early intermediate" upwards. Ideal for school concerts or adult Christmas celebrations.

Unlike many arrangements it includes Irving Berlin’s original introduction (but you can start at Letter B if you want to omit it).

Guitar 4 has a few double stops and is in treble clef but also (with no double stopping) in bass clef for a deeper sound. You can include both parts if you want!

There is minimal fingering because most of the piece can be played in first position (to suit an ensemble with limited experience) or higher up the neck (for a rounder tone to suit a more experienced group).

Please add dynamics and phrasing to make the performance “yours”.

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White Christmas- easy arrangement for early intermediate guitar quartet or large ensemble arr. Derek Hasted

White Christmas
Irving Berlin

White Christmas
Simple & Evocative!

$4.99 Early Intermediate level

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