Two Little Fugues - Guitar duets

Two Little Fugues - Guitar duets

Many guitarists will know Zipoli’s “Little Fugue”, though maybe not his Fughetta in Em.

In this edition I have changed the key of both fugues to land on the “sweet spot” of the guitar’s neck, and to allow players to segue neatly from the Fughetta (in Am with a Tierce de Picardie ending in A major) to the Little Fugue (in A major).

The music is laid out so that players can stay with the same part on both pieces, or swap seamlessly to the other part with no loss of continuity and no page turns.

Guitar 1 is intermediate, Guitar 2 is easier - ideal for a student/teacher duo or (by swapping parts between pieces) a lovely performance item for a well-matched duo.

There is a little left hand fingering, but no dynamics - please feel free to add your own dynamics and articulation to make the performance “yours”.

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Two Little Fugues (Zipoli) for intermediate guitar duet Teacher/Student or performance duets arr. Derek Hasted

Two Little Fugues

Two Little Fugues
2 pieces in one edition

$1.99 Intermediate level

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