Jamaica Farewell - 4 Guitars/large ensemble

Jamacia Farewell - Guitar quartet

Here's a great concert item for a quartet or large ensemble with modest experience...

There are 3 ways to play my straightforward and accessible arrangement which comprises melody, countermelody, accompaniment and bass.

  1. For a mixed ability ensemble, simply play the intro (up to letter A), repeat 2 or more times from A to B, and then jump to E. The melody requires a little confidence up the neck, the other parts stay in first position - each part has a fixed role.
  2. If you play the full version, each of the 4 parts takes a verse of melody, countermelody, accompaniment and bass in turn.
  3. If you play the “+ percussion effects” version, there’s a simple “drum break” in the last two verses, and everyone has a chance to play the effects.

For a larger ensemble, allocate parts from both arrangements - everything fits together!

I hope you enjoy performing this well-known piece.

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Jamaica Farewell - easy arrangement for early intermediate guitar quartet or large ensemble arr. Derek Hasted

Jamaica Farewell
Fun arrangement

Jamaica Farewell
with percussion effects

$4.99 Early Intermediate level

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