The Winner Takes It All - 4 Guitars/large ensemble

The Winner Takes It All - Guitar quartet

Following on from the success of my arrangement of Mamma Mia, I'm delighted to tell you about another Abba classic that sounds glorious when played on guitar.

This is my accessible arrangement of "The Winner Takes It All". There's plenty of interest for all the players, and the various repeats of verses and choruses are given different textures and orchestrations.

What makes Abba music great isn't just the hook of the melody line but the myriad other little details that go on behind the scenes to make a catchy and memorable piece. My arrangement captures all the important background motifs in a guitar-friendly way.

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The Winner Takes It All (Abba) for intermediate guitar quartet or large ensemble arr. Derek Hasted

The Winner Takes It All

The Winner Takes It All
Crowd pleaser!

$4.99 Intermediate level

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