Maxwell's Silver Hammer - 4 guitars/large ensemble

Maxwell's Silver Hammer - 4 guitars/large ensemble

Although this is not the most well-known Beatles Number, it’s certainly one of the most toe-tapping!

It will suit an Early Intermediate to Intermediate ensemble and Guitar 4 is provided in both treble and bass clefs to suit guitar, contra, bass guitar or double bass.

There’s a jaunty swing rhythm that sits atop a bouncy bass line. Staccato chords punch out a driving rhythm and there’s a countermelody I’ve added that brings a hint of Dixieland Jazz to the whole thing.

There are some X-headed notes that are where you need your silver hammer. If, like me, you don’t have a silver hammer, you might use something out of the cutlery drawer - it worked for me. If all else fails, a thump to the soundboard will at least jolt the audience into sitting upright…

I hope you enjoy performing this!

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Maxwell's Silver Hammer (The Beatles) - for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Maxwell's Silver

Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Lennon & McCartney

$4.99 Intermediate level

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