El Noi de la Mare - Guitar duet

El Noi de la Mare - Guitar duet

This beautiful Catalan carol (sometimes spelled El Noy de la Mare) has been made famous in the world of guitar by Llobet's lush arrangement, though the haunting melody is sometimes lost in the wrestling match of getting some complex chords sorted on the fingerboard.

When the music is spread across two guitars, it's much easier to make a relaxed-sounding piece, and I use the "sub-harmonic trick" to make the bass seem deeper than a guitar can produce.

There are two versions in one edition - one is for a student/teacher duet, where the tune is entirely in VII position and easy to play. The other takes the roles of tune and accompaniment in succession, with the switching of parts adding interest for the players and audience alike.

The combined sound is deep and lush and instantly charming.

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