Carol Of The Drum - 6 Guitars

Carol Of The Drum (Little Drummer Boy) - 6 guitars/large ensemble

Carol Of The Drum is the official title, but many people know this as “The Little Drummer Boy”.

This charming piece was written comparatively recently and has enjoyed being covered, re-arranged, beefed up and slimmed down by dozens of famous performers from Bing Crosby to Justin Bieber and many more besides.

My arrangement suits a sextet or a large ensemble, and the complexity of the parts range from almost complete beginner up to early intermediate. I’ve suggested that this piece grows in volume throughout the 3 verses that I’ve arranged, and to support this, the number of notes each part has gradually increases, so that the notes have less time to die away before they are replaced. So part of the build in volume happens automagically!

Guitar 6 requires the bottom string tuned down to D.

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Carol Of The Drum (Little Drummer Boy) arr. Derek Hasted

Carol Of The Drum
Little Drummer Boy

Easy Christmas Piece
6 guitars or large ensemble

$4.99 Early Intermediate

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