Doctor Who Theme - Guitar Quartet

Dr Who - 4 guitars/large ensemble

The original Doctor Who Theme by Ron Grainer was worked on by Delia Derbyshire in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to produce one of the most eerie and spine-tingling TV Themes ever heard on a black and white television. And though many later series of Doctor Who have had the theme tune re-worked and “improved”, nothing is quite as stirring as the original.

My arrangement comprises the whole theme - not often heard in its entirety - and it’s really not at all hard to play. The speed of the accompaniment is the main challenge, and it does need to be quite brisk if the top parts are not to run out of sustain.

This arrangement was a firm favourite with the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (HAGO) and their audiences and the larger the ensemble the more compelling the sound that will surprise and delight listeners.

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