Portsmouth - Guitar Quartet

Portsmouth - 4 guitars/large ensemble

Although this piece was made famous by Mike Oldfield, it first appeared in John Playford’s “The Dancing Master” in 1701, and also found fame in the hands of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

My arrangement starts with a slow, teasing, introduction, and introduces the famous melody very slowly and gently. “What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor” also makes a few appearances before we let the brakes off and burst into the tune that many people know.

The music isn’t hard to play, and each line has some music interest, though only Guitar 1 has to venture up the neck.

It’s ideal for a mixed ability ensemble, and runs at nearly five minutes, to make a substantial concert item that builds up and up.

This arrangement was a firm favourite with the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (HAGO) and their audiences.

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Portsmouth - for 4 intermediate guitars arr. Derek Hasted


4 guitars/large ensemble

$3.99 Intermediate level

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