Mozart Presto - Guitar Trio

Presto (Mozart K522) - 3 guitars or large ensemble

Written by Mozart for string quartet and two horns, the Presto is the last of a four movement suite, and is perhaps better known today as the theme to the UK TV "Horse Of The Year" show, where it was sanitised and given a drumbeat.

My arrangement for 3 guitars captures an abridged version of the original which still fills a music stand. With the optional repeat it lasts for a little over 3 minutes.

Guitar 3 has the bottom string tuned down to D.

The original is often referred to as "A Musical Joke", though the actual German translation is closer to "Some Musical Fun". In the piece Mozart deliberately shows how to break the accepted rules of orchestration, hence the modern sounding key changes which simply don't sound "of his era". Mozart finished the original by taking the musical forces inot 4 different keys for the final chord. My 3 part arrangement finishes in 3 different keys at the same time, but if you think the audience will assume you've had a disaster, I also provide a 4-bar ending that stays in key.

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Mozart Presto K522 (Horse Of The Year Show theme) - for 3  intermediate guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Mozart Presto K522
Horse Of The Year Show

Mozart Presto (abridged)
"The Horse Of The Year" TV theme

$2.99 intermediate level

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