Fields of Gold - Guitar Trio

Fields of Gold - 3 guitars or large ensemble

Written by Sting, it’s possibly the Eva Cassidy version that really made this piece famous.

My arrangement, based on one I wrote for the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra, is styled on the Eva Cassidy version and includes the instrumental break in the middle.

It’s set for 3 guitars.
Guitar 3 plays Capo 7, to give a light and airy accompaniment.
Guitars 1 and 2 take it in turns to play the tune and a second accompaniment.

This is a very accessible version of a well-known and substantial piece.

I’ve left the choice of dynamics and fingering to you - the players - so that you can choose where on the neck you play, and the phrasing you add - just make it "yours" in performance.

I've also arranged this piece with different orchestrations...

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Fields of Gold (String and Eva Cassidy) - for 3  intermediate guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Fields of Gold
Eva Cassidy

Fields Of Gold

$4.99 intermediate level

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