Por Una Cabeza - 4 or 5 Guitars

Por Una Cabeza - 4/5 guitars

Originally a song about gambling - losing “by a horse’s head” - this charming tango has found new life as an instrumental in the film “The Scent of a Woman” where Al Pacino, playing a blind man, dances to this tune.

This piece works well as a quartet (or large ensemble) and it spans early intermediate to intermediate abilities.

There's an optional fifth descant line that captures violin solo in the film. In order to mimic the violin cutting through, this descant goes right up to fret 19 and requires an advanced player to make it sound effortless. But I have deliberately written this part using “8va” notation so that a less skilled player can play the descant, ignoring the 8va, and will find it sits comfortably on the neck of the guitar. In a school ensemble, it will be fun for everyone to see the teacher sweat a bit on the fastest sections of the descant.

But the piece works perfectly without the descant as well...

This arrangement was a firm favourite with the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (HAGO) and their audiences and the soundclip alongside the score on the SMP website is from a recording made live in concert.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as HAGO did!

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