You Are The Reason - Clarinet & guitar

You Are The Reason - Bb clarinet/guitar duet

You Are The Reason - the glorious Calum Scott song - makes a lovely clarinet and guitar duet.

The opening of the original has a wonderful reverberant piano sound, playing repeated notes. I've changed the key of the piece so that the guitar uses a stopped B on the 3rd string and an open B on the 2nd string to give a beautiful overlap on the repeated notes. By using Capo 1 on the guitar, both the clarinet and guitar parts are in familiar and comfortable keys.

Just as the original changes the arpeggio patterns in the second verse, so the guitar again mimics the piano.

My arrangement is "intermediate" in complexity - with the guitar part supplied in notation and as "score + tab".

Perfect for concerts!

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You Are The Reason (Calum Scott) - for Bb Clarinet and Guitar duet arr. Derek Hasted

You Are The Reason
Calum Scott

You Are The Reason
Calum Scott

$4.99 Intermediate level
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