Gong Xi, Gong Xi - 3 guitars

Gong Xi, Gong Xi - 3 guitars or large ensemble

Although this sounds a traditional piece, it was written as recently as 1945.

My arrangement contains multiple verses, punctuated with melody and simple guitar-based percussion. The music works with novice players - Guitar 3 is beginner level. Guitar 2 is a little harder, but in a large ensemble, the work can be split between two teams. Guitar 1 ventures up the neck a little.

Each verse has a slightly different texture.

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Gong Xi Gong Xi (Chinese Lunar New Year) - for 3 early intermediate guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Gong Xi Gong Xi
(Chinese New Year)

Gong Xi Gong Xi
3 guitars/large ensemble

$4.99 Early intermediate level

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