Te Deum - for Guitar Trio

Te Deum - 3 guitars/large ensemble

This piece - from the Baroque era - may sound vaguely familiar to most people in a concert audience. And that's because it found a new lease of life in the Fanfare that is used on Eurovision television broadcasting.

This very playable arrangement works well for just three guitars, or a large ensemble can generate a much bigger wall of sound. Guitars 1 & 2 share the tune in turn, and nearly of the two parts sits comfortably in second position, or (for players with more experience) in seventh.


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Te Deum (Charpentier) - 3 Guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Te Deum (Charpentier)
The Eurovision Fanfare

Te Deum
(The Eurovision Fanfare)

$2.99 Early Intermediate level

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