Cavatina - for Flute & Guitar

Cavatina - Flute & Guitar duet

The beautifully melodic “Cavatina” was made famous by John Williams, who arranged the piece for solo guitar and produced some effortless recordings of it. Audiences equate effortless with easy, but it can be a bit of a beast to play well.

Why this arrangement?

  • I’ve lowered the key by one tone which makes many of the chords sound more mellow
  • I’ve fixed the ungainly jumps in the bass line which came as a constraint of playing up the neck on solo guitar
  • I’ve improved the connectivity of the middle voices from chord to chord so the chord changes sound more effortless and natural
  • By virtue of the key change and careful use of enharmonic equivalents, the guitar part is now on familiar ground
  • A side effect is that everything is easier and the sustain seems more effortless

I have produced other arrangements too...

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