Psycho Killer - Guitar trio

Psycho Killer - Guitar trio or large ensemble

I'm pleased to announce a new arrangement - Psycho Killer - just ready for Hallowe'en! Don't look behind you, they may be stalking you in the dark...

Originally by Talking Heads, it was the A Capella group The Flying Pickets who brought the wonderful bass-line and harmonies to a wider audience.

My arrangement sits mid-way between the two versions and even just the first two bars of music will draw the audience in!

It suits a mixed ability trio from early intermediate up to intermediate (though more advanced players will particularly enjoy the incongruous but delicious sound of punk-like music played on classical guitar!).

The distinctive bass-line, courtesy of Tina Weymouth, is present throughout the piece, and Guitar 3 is supplied in Treble and Bass clefs, so you can play either or both lines.

Ideal for a large ensemble too - the strong beat locks the music together tightly.

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Talking Heads - Psycho Killer - for Guitar Trio/large ensemble arr. Derek Hasted

Psycho Killer
Talking Heads

Psycho Killer - 3 Guitars
or 2 + bass or ensemble

$4.99 Early intermediate level

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