"If" (Bread) for 2 guitars

"If" (by Bread) - guitar duet

Bread's well-known piece has a cleverly written guitar part. The right-hand finger pattern is essentially fixed throughout the piece; the left hand builds arpeggios from a mix of stopped and open strings.

Not all arrangements in the market-place capture this neat musical device, but it makes the piece much easier to play! My score comes with an additional score & tab part that shows where to find the arpeggios on the guitar neck.
The guitar duet swaps roles at the phrase boundaries, so each player has tune and accompaniment.

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I've also arranged "If" for Flute & Guitar and for Bb Clarinet & Guitar

If - David Gates (Bread) - for guitar duet arr. Derek Hasted

Bread & David Gates

Well-known love song
from Bread - two guitars

$4.99 Early Intermediate
Also versions for flute or clarinet & guitar

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