Rockin' All Over The World

Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World

This is a real crowd-pleaser, and I can say that because I've played it in concert dozens of times. Even the most staid classical audience has been known to let out a whoop at the end of this one...

It’s easy to play, makes a fantastic sound and it’s suitable for a school concert or an unexpected item in an adult recital. It’s ideal for a mixed ability group from early intermediate to intermediate, but more skilled players will definitely enjoy it too. It’s particularly effective with several guitarists on each line.

Guitar 6 can be played on a normal guitar or a bass instrument (octave bass, upright bass or electric bass) and there are treble clef and bass clef versions in this edition. In a large group you can play one or both lines - they’re simply an octave apart.

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Rockin' All Over The World (Status Quo) arr. Derek Hasted

Rockin' All Over
The World (Quo)

A real Crowd Pleaser!
(6 gtrs or 5+bass)

$6.99 Mixed Intermediate

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