The Logical Song - Supertramp

The Logical Song - 4 guitars

This edition is an advanced intermediate arrangement for 4 guitars/large ensemble of the fantastic piece "The Logical Song", written by Roger Hodgson and performed by Supertramp.

This arrangement uses the full range on the guitar from the lowest note right up to the 17th fret at one point! Guitar 4 is slightly easier than the other lines, but stays faithful to the original's bass line where possible. This part is supplied in treble and in bass clef to suit either a classical guitar or a bass instrument.

My arrangement contains the original solo sax breaks, both as played and in a slightly simpler form too which is a bit less frantic under the fingers.

This is just the foot-tapping piece to get stuck in the audience's ears and to be with them all the way home after the concert!

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The Logical Song (Supertramp) - for 4 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

The Logical Song

Roger Hodgson for 4 guitars
The Logical Song

$4.99 Advanced Intermediate
Suits 3 guitars & bass instrument too!

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