Tanz der Wäsherin & Hupfauf

Tanz and Hupfauf

Many guitarists will be familiar with the Tanz der Wäsherin and Hupfauf by Hans Neusiedler, if only because they keep re-appearing as Examination pieces!

But despite being 450 years old, these two complementary pieces remain a busy and rhythmic joy to play and to listen to.

Here are versions with a second (countermelody) line that sits on top of the original guitar part. I wrote the countermelody so that my flute partner and myself could play them at a friend's wedding as part of an array of guitar/flute duets.

There is also a version for flute and guitar that you can buy. This 2-guitar version is similar but gives both guitarists a chance to play the (conventional) guitar part as well as the descant. The overall effort is surprisingly complex for little extra effort!

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Tanz der Washerin (Dance of the Washerwoman) & Hupfauf arr. Derek Hasted for 2 guitars

Tanz and Hupfauf
Hans Neusiedler

Tanz & Hupfauf 2 guitars
Tune and added countermelody

$3.99 Intermediate level

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