Uptown Girl - 3 or 4 Guitars

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

This easy-to-play arrangement for 3,4 or more guitars contains all the verses, choruses and bridges of the original, in a nice guitar-friendly key. And more importantly it includes all the uplifting key-changes of the original, all now falling neatly into chord shapes familiar to intermediate guitarists.

The bass-line follows the original, and the middle guitar part has a straightforward rhythm that complements and interlocks with the bass-line to give a solid foundation for the tune. Teachers will find the piece full of interesting modulations that make great teaching points.

In a large ensemble, Guitar Two can split between players to suit novice guitarists (Guitar 2b is suitable for near-total-beginners), and separate part-scores are included so that it's easy on the eye.

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Uptown Girl (Billy Joel) - for 3 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Uptown Girl
Billy Joel

Uptown Girl 3 guitars
(includes easy quartet version)

$4.99 Early intermediate level

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