Chi Mai - 2 Guitars

Chi Mai - Guitar Duet

This lovely piece with its poignant chord progressions is well-known across the world.

My arrangement for 2 guitars (intermediate or above) comes in two forms in the same edition - one is "tune + accompaniment" to suit two players of slightly different abilities, or for teacher and student. The other is "switchover" where the parts swap over as the tune repeats, so that both players get to enjoy all aspects of the arrangement. The accompaniment part is tuned to 6=D to give extra warmth, depth and sustain to this haunting piece.

Feedback from Germany
"Hiya Derek, practised 'Chi Mai' and loved the arrangement!!! Super, well done and thanks a lot. It has gone straight in our repertoire." 

  • I've also arranged Chi Mai for 3 guitars / large ensemble using some arranging "tricks" to make it a little more straightforward to play

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