Over The Waves (Sobre Las Olas) - Guitar Duet

Over The Waves - 2 Guitars

I'm pleased to announce another easy arrangement - Over The Waves - a piece that everyone's heard and no-one can name! It's been featured in Octopussy, Sesame Street, Mary Poppins, Popeye and in countless accompaniments to Trapeze acts!

This is a duet and my published edition has two arrangements - one is "Tune & Accompaniment" - ideal for a student/teacher duet or a duet for "beginner and a player with a touch more experience". The other is a "Call and Response" style of duet where each player takes the tune in turn, and the tune swings back and forth like, well, a Trapeze Artiste... Both are included in the same download.

This arrangement has featured at my Guitar Workshop

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Over The Waves - (famous trapeze music!) for 2 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

Over The Waves
(Sobre Las Olas)

Over The Waves 2 guitars
The tune everyone knows but can't name!

$2.99 Beginner level

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