Heartbeat for 2 guitars

Heartbeat - guitar duet

Made famous by Buddy Holly (and later, on UK Television, as the theme to the Heartbeat program, a gentle police drama set in the 1950s and starring Nick Berry), this is a simple duet where the two parts swap between tune and accompaniment, adding visual interest for the audience as well as making sure the parts are absolutely equal!

The catchy tune, underpinned by a heartbeat-like bass line and the instantly recognisable Buddy Holly guitar part, is easy to play and set in a friendly key.

Ideal for school concerts or as an easy item in an an adult concert.

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Heartbeat (Theme for TV's Heartbeat) for 2 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

TV Theme

Heartbeat 2 guitars
Pop Song & TV Theme

$4.99 Early intermediate level

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