You Raise Me Up - for 2 guitars

You Raise Me Up - guitar duet

I'm pleased to announce a new contemporary arrangement - "You Raise Me Up" for 2 guitars.

I arranged this lovely piece as a flute/guitar duet, to play at the wedding of a great family friend, over the signing of the register, with flautist Gilly Slot.

This arrangement would suit a mixed ability duo (or a student/teacher pairing) as well as two players of equal ability.

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I've also arranged "You Raise Me Up" for flute & guitar...

You Raise Me Up - for 2 guitars arr. Derek Hasted

You Raise Me Up
Josh Groban/Westlife

You Raise Me Up 2 guitars
Josh Groban, Westlife

$4.99 Intermediate level
See also version for flute & guitar

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