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A love story in music - Captivation, Contemplation, Consolation and Celebration - this accessible suite for Intermediate/Advanced Solo guitar has been composed with the audience in mind. Strong melodies and an almost classical construction make this a suite which has generated much delight wherever it has been played. It offers endless possibilities for interpretation, but the overall mood is one of joy and majesty, which even penetrates the slow D minor chords of Consolation.

Premiered in New Zealand and since played in the UK & Europe, this suite has always been well received by audiences.

'Captivation' is a solo guitar piece that immediately grabbed me because of the thick guitar chords employed in this piece. Then the melody began to really sink in and I was hooked. Just a stunning piece of music ...
The piece is best summed up by a friend who walked by when this track was playing. His first words after hearing only a few seconds were"Wow, that's great stuff". He hit the nail on the head. -
The Ruiner - Dec 2003


Intermediate/Advanced - approximately UK Grade 6-7


Celebration Suite for solo guitar

From the "Celebration" movement of the suite


New Zealand Guitarist Bruce Paine plays Celebration on his CD Second Recital For Guitar

Hear more on Bruce Paine's website

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