Octopus's Garden

18th June 2020

In An Octopus's Garden- a bouncy, fun piece for 2 guitars by Derek Hasted.

This edition contains an intermediate arrangement for two guitars of the wonderfully cheeky piece "In An Octopus's Garden", written by Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) and performed by The Beatles.

My arrangement has a ragtime - almost bluegrass - feel to the accompaniment on the guitar, which is based around familiar first-position chord shapes and played with a swinging thumb. There are no repeats in the score, enabling the music to change texture here and there to add to the performance, which is full-length and contains all the material of one of the performances no on YouTube.

The roles of tune and accompaniment swap over at each phrase boundary and the tune makes an appearance at three different pitches, all still on the playable area of the neck.


You can hear a snippet and see some of the score on the SMP website


(There's also my arrangement for early intermediate student plus teacher - a little easier)


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