Penny Lane - 4 or 5 Guitars

17th February 2020

Penny Lane (The Beatles) for 4 guitars or large ensemble with optional descant

This piece needs no introduction and it's ideally suited to an intermediate guitar quartet - one or two lines are slightly easier than the others. There's also an optional descant line which takes the role of the Piccolo trumpet of the original, with the part tailored a little to the strengths and restrictions of the guitar. In a school ensemble, this optional line is ideal for the teacher.

The piece works just fine without the optional descant line too, so it suits 4 or 5 guitars or (for a bigger sound) a large ensemble.


This piece was a firm favourite of the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra and the soundclip that goes along with the score on the link below was recorded live in concert.



You can hear a snippet and see some of the score on the SMP website



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