Elton John's "Basque" - Guitar Duet and other versions

26th May 2019

Basque (Elton John) - arranged for 2 guitars, for 3 guitars and for flute/guitar by Derek Hasted)

I'm pleased to tell you about another set of arrangements that are now published - Elton John's "Basque"...

Elton John won a Grammy with this beautiful instrumental, and yet

  • There is only one recording of it
  • (At the time of this news item) there is only one other version of the sheet music - an arrangement for piano that has sections missing


I've produced three different arrangements.

  • A version for 2 guitars (tune and accompaniment) using familiar chord shapes
  • A version for 3 guitars (as above with a countermelody styled on the original)
  • A version for flute (or oboe) and guitar accompaniment.



You can hear a snippet and see some of the score on the SMP website...


For a complete list of my contemporary downloads for one or more guitars and for flute & guitar, visit this page on my website...