The Heart Asks Pleasure First - Guitar Duet

2nd March 2019

Theme from The Piano (arranged for 2 guitars in two different versions by Derek Hasted)

I'm more than a bit thrilled to tell you that my duet arrangement of "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" is now published.

This is an Advanced Intermediate duet that's as impressive to watch as it is to listen to - the two guitars are playing interlocking rhythms in a three-against-two effect while producing a flurry of notes.


As a bonus, there are two versions in the published edition - one matches the original piano and divides the score into left and right hands (meaning that guitar 2 stays in first position playing the lower part, while guitar 1 uses the whol neck) - the other swaps roles at each new phrase, so that the hard work is shared equally.

Either version produces the same complex and delightful piece which really fits well onto guitar.



You can hear a snippet and see some of the score on the SMP website



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