Theme from Howard's Way - Guitar Quartet

27th February 2019

Howard's Way (arranged for 4 guitars by Derek Hasted)

I'm pleased to announce another arrangement - "Always There" - the theme from TV's "Howard's Way"...

If you don't know this piece, do please check it out on YouTube - the original is a real up-tempo piece for full orchestra. I've captured all the significant melodic sections of it in my arrangement for 4 guitars (or large ensemble). The link below takes you to a 30-second snippet of my arrangement.


Guitar 4 uses 6=D and provides a pedal bass line with a punchy rhythm.

Guitar 3 plays conventional arpeggios, mainly in I position, but there's a moment of glory playing a disco beat in the "break" in the middle of the piece.

Guitars 1 and 2 play the tune and countermelody.



You can hear a snippet and see some of the score on the SMP website



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