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Museum of April Fools and old web pages

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OK, so I can't bear to throw things away...

Hence the Museum - a place to put old web pages of mine

Here are some of the pages that have come and gone...

Yes - you're right, it is a bit sad, isn't it?

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Cod Almighty Cod
Derek's gut-wrenchingly awful sense of humour finds its way onto the Internet with his first web-page ever...
Slideshow The Slideshow
From the era when "Site Tours" were all the rage, here's mine...
Lift The Elevator
Give yourself a lift - the easy way to travel round my site.
The Floor contents are out of date, but the lift has been well-maintained and is quite safe - trust me!
Caution - enter the lift and you might never see this page again...
April Fool April Fool!
Various dates
A once-a-year specially daft concept - plucked (pardon the pun) from thin air to amuse and astound...
Havant I'm Sorry I Havant A Clue
A whistle stop tour of Havant
Bedhampton UFOs UFOs in Bedhampton?
The cheesy "Bedhampton UFO and Smallest Retail Park" feature that used to grace, rather incongruously, the pages of the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra website